A Reason to Give ~ Keval

Photo0024Keval’s family is AIC through and through: his aunt is one of the Education Outreach Centre’s longest-running caregivers, and his mother, other aunt, and grandmother are all stalwarts of the Community Outreach Program and have worked at AIC in various capacities over the years. He himself has cycled in and out of the Education Outreach Program, although the firm rules on attendance have proved an obstacle. Keval was a normal, fun-loving teenager until May of this year, when he suddenly lost his ability to walk. AIC supported him and his family through the diagnostic process, which involved countless scans, probes, and tests spread over weeks of visits to specialists and hospitals. It is an intimidating and scary ordeal for any family, but especially so for Keval’s, as they are illiterate and unaccustomed to dealing with doctors and official procedures. Finally, the diagnosis came: rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of muscle cancer.

AIC networked with a world-renowned cancer hospital in Mumbai to provide treatment free of cost for Keval with documentary proof arranged by our Community Outreach Program. We continue to support his family with counseling and material support through the treatment process, and we have rallied local donors to raise money for an ongoing care fund. Keval has just completed his fifth round of chemotherapy and is preparing for a surgery next month, when doctors will attempt to remove the remnants of the tumor that has been blocking his ability to walk for the past 7 months. It remains to be seen whether the cancer hospital will also cover the cost of this surgery, but if not, AIC will be there for Keval, as we are for all of our children, and we will be there for his family during the procedure and in the months and years to come.


In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, please consider giving to support Keval and other children like him. Your donation means the world to us!