A change maker of AIC, if you wake up Parinaz, fondly known as Pari, in the middle of the night and give her a math problem, she will happily take out her books and solve it! She has been passing this enthusiasm for the subject to her beloved students at AIC for the last three years.

Managing multiple roles at AIC currently, Pari aspired to be a teacher since she was in the 10th grade and she finally believes she has the job she was made for! She enjoys being a part of the AIC family and feels a sense of belonging to the community. She aims to be a mentor to each of her students and loves to enthusiastically take on any task that is assigned to her which makes her to perfect fit for the AIC team.

“The naughtiest of the children brighten your days and the best ones give you pride. Such are the children at Ashraya!” – Parinaz