We are always happy to welcome committed volunteers to our team, both on-site in Pune as well as abroad! Volunteer positions range from teaching positions in India to administrative and fundraising roles all over the world. As a volunteer, you will become an integral part of our global team and will join our diverse network of hundreds of volunteer alumni.

We currently have several openings for volunteers. For details and to apply, please visit our volunteer recruitment webpage at Omprakash.org

Help Us Fundraise

Fundraisers are tremendously valuable for us: they help us spread the word and attract new supporters. Events can be as small as a bake sale at your local school or as big as benefit concerts in larger cities. If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser or supporting our fundraising efforts, please contact us or email us directly at contactus@ashrayainitiative.org. Let us know a little bit about yourself and where you are located. We will then put you in touch with a nearby branch and can support you in planning your event. We are extremely thankful to the many people who have fundraised for us and continue to support us.