Sponsor a Child

Sponsorship is a perfect opportunity to make an ongoing commitment to support our work of improving the lives and shaping the futures of vulnerable children in Pune, India.

As a sponsor, you will receive:

  • A photo and profile of your child
  • An update and photo on a bi-annual basis
  • A yearly creative sample
  • A bi-annual tax receipt
  • Our e-Newsletter

Further questions about our Child Sponsorship Program? See our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us directly.

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[expandsub1 expanded=”true” title=”Basic Necessities Sponsorship…..US$15/month or US$180/year” tag=”h3″]
The sponsorship covers basic expenses related to the child’s participation in the Education Outreach Program, including meals, personal items, recreational and extracurricular materials for one year.
[expandsub1 expanded=”true” title=”Education Sponsorship…..US$25/month or US$300/year” tag=”h3″]
This sponsorship option covers the average cost of school tuition for one child for one year. Our children study at a variety of reputable public and private English-medium and Marathi medium schools around Pune.
[expandsub1 expanded=”true” title=”Full Sponsorship……US$50/month or US$600/year” tag=”h3″]
Covers the cost of all expenses associated with a child’s participation in AIC’s Education Outreach Program. This includes facilities costs, staff salaries,¬†school fees, uniforms,¬†supplies, teaching materials, toiletries, transportation, medical testing and check-ups, small “incentive” items (ex: colored pencils) to encourage attendance and program participation, arts and crafts enrichment materials and extracurricular activities expenses.

Ready to help a child realize his or her dreams?
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