Below is a collection of older video content and news stories featuring AIC.
If you know of talented film/video producers in or around Pune looking for a project that would like to help us continue telling our story, please contact us.


A 2011 feature by WMUR TV showcasing Geeta’s extraordinary journey from the streets in Pune to a summer program at the prestigious Philips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. (click on the image above to view the video on WMUR TV’s website).
A 2010 news feature by CNN reporter Malika Kapur on our very own Aakash’s struggle to make a better future for himself.

A 2007 CBC News feature on AIC. (Watch Part 2 and Part 3 on Youtube.)
THIS IS WAS AIC (circa 2006)

An oldie but goodie – this is the first official AIC video created by cofounder Liz Sholtys from way back in 2006. Our AIC family has grown by leaps and bounds since then expanding to the current integrated 4 program model.


AT5Read about Liz’s efforts for AIC on ‘The better India’ in
“This American Helps Street Children in Pune Live a Life They Could Only Dream Of”

“Serving Super Cookies and Daal down in Pune”
Red Bull Amaphiko features our nutritional efforts in their online magazine.
jyoti The last media feature we shared was an article in Sakal about Geeta from our residential program, who has been selected to attend the Mahindra United World College of India. This is the story the newspaper carried in their print edition. jyoti
In 2014, Geeta and Jyoti from our Residential Program were selected to attend the prestigious United World Colleges. Jyoti was profiled by Sakal, a prominent local newspaper in “>this Nov ’14 feature article where she spoke about her dreams and role models.
“Courage and where it takes us”.
Cover story in the Fall 2008 edition of Emory Magazine featuring AIC and cofounder Elizabeth Sholtys, an Emory alum herself.
princetoncover“Princeton Senior Strives to Break the Cycle of Poverty in India”. Princeton Weekly Bulletin. June 4, 2007.
A feature on Princeton alum and AIC co-founder Julia Neubauer-Babu and AIC.

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