2010 – Early Childhood Education

Just a few days after the new year, we moved the Education Outreach Program into a separate Education Centre, as it had become impossible to effectively manage the Education, Health and Community Outreach Programs out of the same building. The new arrangement gave all three programs much more room to spread out, which had become absolutely necessary with almost 30 AIC employees and hundreds of children and families passing through the doors of our facilities every single day.

In February, our Residential Program welcomed its 12th child, 6-year-old Poonam. Shortly thereafter, we received word that our oldest Residential child, Aakash, had received a full scholarship to attend the Phillips Exeter Academy summer program in the U.S. Unfortunately, Aakash was denied a U.S. visa and he was unable to make the trip in the end. We were encouraged, however, by the possibility of our children earning international educational experiences, something few would have believed possible for children from backgrounds such as these.

In May 2010, we launched an Early Childhood Education component to the Education Outreach Program, thereby expanding the age range of students in the program to include children beginning at age 3. With this expansion, the number of children in the Education Outreach Program now hovered around 200, a far cry from the initial group of 12 girls several years prior.


In spring 2010 we started a 6-month tailoring class for women and teenage girls in the community to learn a marketable skill. Due to the enormous success of our initial class, we quickly expanded the tailoring class into a multi-tiered program (basic, intermediate, and advanced classes) to offer classes to women of all skill levels. By the end of 2010, more than 2 dozen women from the Waghri and Sikligar communities had earned certificates of completion.