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Your generous donation supports Ashraya’s transformative work for children living in situations of poverty, neglect, homelessness and abuse.

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If you would like to donate to our Austrian Account, the Bank Details are here:

(Donations are Tax deductible)

Ashraya Initiative for Children

IBAN: - AT86 2033 4000 0124 3757

Address - Sparkasse Mühlviertel-West

Please make sure to go through our Wish List on 


Contact Us for any queries that you may have!

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Ready to help a child give wings to their dreams?

Sign up to become an Ashraya Child Sponsor today!

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14520 INR/ 196 USD/ 172 EURO PER YEAR

The sponsorship covers basic expenses related to the child’s participation in the Education Outreach Program, including meals, personal items, recreational and extracurricular materials for one year.

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21120 INR/ 285 USD/ 251 EURO PER YEAR

This sponsorship option covers the average cost of school tuition for one child for one year. Our children study at a variety of reputable public and private English-medium and Marathi medium schools around Pune.

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42300 INR/ 571 USD/ 503 EURO PER YEAR

This sponsorship option covers the cost of all expenses associated with a child’s participation in Ashraya’s Education Outreach Program.


42300 INR/ 571 USD/ 503 EURO PER YEAR

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