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School Enrolment and After School Support Program

In 2005 when Ashraya started its work in Pune, not a single member of either the Waghri or Sikligar community in Yerwada had graduated from secondary school. Community members estimate that around 40% of school-aged children had been registered in nearby schools, however only 15-20% were attending with even minimal regularity. None had access to any form of external academic support, in an education system that all but requires participation in the private tutoring industry to succeed in school. Thus, even those children who attended school were at a distinct disadvantage when compared to their peers. Students are now enrolled in low income, English medium, private schools and are provided all the necessary fees and supplies for the same. They are tutored for a minimum of three to four hours each school day to supplement their academic instruction. We also work with their families supplemented by the Counseling program to ensure proper emotional and social support, and to address any further barriers to them in reaching their full potential.

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